10 Year Guarantee

The timber of all OutdoorGardens is covered by a 10-year guarantee against general rot and decay provided it is treated annually inside and out with a suitable wood preservative and is installed on a suitable base. See below for details on items not covered under the guarantee. Guarantee applies to the original retail purchaser only.

Please note: The above products have a 10-year guarantee on the wooden parts. The statutory 1-year guarantee applies to attachments, accessories and the like. If you find that a part is missing or parts have broken during transport, please contact info@outdoorgardens.com within 14 days with a list of the affected parts and, if necessary, send us photos of the transport damage upon delivery or acceptance of the article.

By purchasing and using your new OutdoorGardens product, you agree to be bound by the terms of this guarantee as set forth below.

What the guarantee covers:

The guarantee covers defects in material or workmanship that cause your product to fail. Cracks in the wood, warping or stains on the surface of the wood are not defects in the quality of the product. There is no way to prevent wood from cracking as it is a natural product and slight changes in shape can occur when it is exposed to the elements. Likewise, cracks and warping of the wood are not covered by the guarantee as they are considered a natural process.

The guarantee is only valid if your product is used under normal conditions for its intended purposes, a suitable wood preservative is applied annually and it is installed on a suitable firm and level base.

The guarantee is also only valid if the assembly of your product was performed correctly, the product has not been modified in any way and has also been maintained correctly and any adjustments that are made are only done in accordance with those described in the owner’s manual provided with the product. PDF versions of manuals are available on request

The guarantee is only valid in the country where the product was purchased.

The guarantee does not cover and will be void if:

  • the product is used in a way that does not comply with the instructions/specifications in the user manual.
  • the product was assembled incorrectly or improperly.
  • the product is damaged through misuse, abuse, accident or improper treatment.
  • the product structure is damaged as a result of changes or modifications that have been made.
  • the owner of the product has failed to carry out regular and correct maintenance including failing to properly protect the timber of the building with a suitable wood preservative annually.
  • the owner of the product has failed to install it on a suitable firm and level base
  • the product is rented out.
  • The guarantee does not cover normal wear and tear or other causes that are not due to defects in materials that are not considered natural or workmanship.

Cracks can appear in the surface of the wood, which is perfectly normal for wood, especially in summer. This does not compromise the structural integrity of the garden building or the safety of your guarantee. These cracks are rarely a sign of imperfections, just a sign that the wood is adapting to the variations in atmosphere and humidity around it. Cracks can expand and contract depending on environmental conditions, this is quite natural.

To protect the wood components and to ensure the products are as strong and durable as possible, the 10-year guarantee on the timber is only valid as long as a suitable treatment is applied on the inside and outside of the structure annually. This protects the structure of the product from wood-destroying insects and fungi that can cause rot and increases the longevity of the garden building.

To be eligible for the guarantee you must treat all timber with a suitable wood preservative annually this will also further extend the gardens buildings lifespan.

Misuse, high winds, fire damage, extreme weather and natural disasters are not covered by the guarantee. If your product is knocked over by high winds, damaged by hail/extreme weather, or destroyed by a natural disaster, it will not be covered under the guarantee. This is a matter for your home insurance.

OutdoorGardens is not liable for any accidental loss, injury or damage resulting directly or indirectly from the use of their garden buildings.

Any claims must be submitted in writing by the original purchaser within 30 days of the apparent defect becoming evident. Proof of purchase is required for any claims that is submitted

If the product has been discontinued and we are unable to repair the product, OutdoorGardens reserves the right to supply an equivalent alternative