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    Bring the playground home with a swing set for kids! Enjoyed by all ages, a kids garden swing set is a timeless outdoor toy. Find the perfect new addition to your garden, and buy online for fast, FREE UK delivery on orders over £50 from Outdoor Gardens. 

    What are the different types of swings?

    At Outdoor Gardens, we have a build a swing option, simply choose the swing you want; whether it single, double or treble frame and then customise the seats and brackets. 

    Your kids will benefit from hours in the sun playing on their garden swing. Not only does it teach them valuable social skills such as teamwork, cooperation and sharing, they’ll be running around and blowing off excess steam in the process. 

    In addition, a swing offers improved coordination, balance, and motor skills - which is imperative for your little ones development. 

    Why choose Outdoor Gardens for swings?

    Browse our second to none range of kids swings built from sustainable, long-lasting materials from the leading manufacturer, Rebo. We have swings for babies, toddlers and children, so there is no shortage of fun to be had. 


    How safe are childrens swings?

    Swings can be safe for children, provided they follow simple rules. Make sure your child is never stood up, or kneeling on the swing, as this could lead to an accident. Also, if several children are playing at one time, make sure they keep well away from the swing if it’s in motion.

    Keep in mind that when children are using swings, adult supervision is advised to protect their safety and prevent accidents. To make garden swings more safe, the seats should be made from a strong and durable plastic, luckily, the swing seats available at Outdoor Gardens are just that. 

    Are swings good for toddlers?

    Swings offer a wealth of benefits for babies, toddlers and young children. It allows them to explore a new sensation as they glide through the air and experience weightlessness. Not only are they trying something new, they are also developing trust from whoever they are playing with. Which makes swings a great addition to any garden.

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