All panels are pre-assembled including the roof panels, so it is just a case of fastening these together and adding the felt and trim.

All garden buildings should be installed on a level firm surface; some people prefer to add a slab or concrete base.

We also offer a wooden foundation pack for people who want extra protection against rot at the base, this pack lifts the standard floor up from the ground and allows ventilation and can be put on a base as mentioned above or on a surface such as compacted gravel, the choice is yours the surface needs to be solid to support the shed and won’t allow it to sink.

Yes, our sheds use the same 12mm shiplap that we use for the rest of the shed, on top of 32mm floor joists.

We know that sometimes a shed can look great on the outside and then when you open the door the timber used for framing is thin and liable to warp. Yeah, that doesn’t impress us either, that’s why we use 32mm x 32mm framework so when you get 2 panels connected together that’s 32mm x 64mm creating a strong joint and rigid framework for our sheds. Compare that to some of our competitors who use considerably thinner wood and see the difference.

We use UV-resistant shatterproof styrene for our windows. By window units, we mean that instead of providing customers with sheets of window material that they then have to fix in place with beading we pre-assemble our windows which adds strength, longevity and speeds up assembly making the windows easier to install.

At OutdoorGardens, we made the decision to offer our garden buildings treatment free and reflect this in the price. All treatments need to be reapplied annually whether the manufacturer applies this the first year or not so why not have the choice from the beginning and not pay for an orange colour that you may not like!

You should treat the timber of your shed annually to protect it from the elements and prolong the lifespan of the building. Ensuring that a protective treatment is regularly applied is also a requirement of the 10-year guarantee

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We do! We have our own skilled installers who we have trained to install our garden buildings. Unfortunately, as these are our very own installers, we are only able to offer installation to certain postcodes, though this is most of the mainland UK. Please contact customer service for more information on this and to check if we are able to offer the service in your area.

Yes, all our timber products come with a 10 years guarantee, of course, there are certain steps that we expect you to take and failure to do so will invalidate your guarantee so make sure you read the T&Cs to ensure that your shed isn’t being mistreated

We are proud to be using timber sourced from FSC-certified suppliers for all our shed ranges.

As long as the structure is under 2.5m tall, you should not require planning permission. However, there are exceptions such as if you wish to install the product in your front garden or if the product would cover over 50% of your garden so we always recommend that you check with your local planning authority just to be sure before installing any garden structure.